Terms of Service (ToS)

This page contains the terms and conditions of our service (hereinafter ToS). By registering on Xelion Online, you agree that you have read and understood our ToS. The failure to comply with our ToS may result in immediate expulsion from the game, regardless of ignorance of any section. The Xelion Online team reserves the right to modify the ToS at any time. We also reserve the right to apply any sanction we deem appropriate depending on the case, the player's history, etc.

Last update: 02-01-2022 20:37:49

1. Inappropriate Names

  • 1.1. The names of characters, guilds and stores should not be offensive or inappropriate. (*)
  • 1.2. Do not attempt to impersonate a staff member by using similar names (e.g. GM-Nostek). (*)
  • 1.3. Do not use names that are difficult to read or write. (*)

2. Behavior

  • 2.1. It is forbidden to insult other players through chat. This includes inappropriate language and threats. (*)
  • 2.2. It is not allowed to publish other servers and pages not authorized by the staff. (*)
  • 2.3. Do not send consecutive or repetitive messages in the chat (flood). (*)
  • 2.4. Do not be an accomplice to a rule violation. Covering up for someone who has violated the ToS will be penalized with the same penalty. (**)
  • 2.5. Do not disclose false or confidential information about staff. (**)
  • 2.6. It is forbidden to disturb the staff or prevent them from fulfilling their obligations. (*)
  • 2.7. It is strictly forbidden to create false evidence for the purpose of report a player. (**)

3. Monsters

  • 3.1. It is forbidden to attack monsters that are being occupied by another group or player. This rule will not apply in the areas where the collaboration of all players is required: Kingdom Quests, raids and events. (*)
  • 3.2. If all the zones of a map are being occupied, the group or the player will have the right to ask for half of a zone as long as that zone is composed of at least 20 monsters. Also, if the group that is occupying the zone does not attack the monsters during 10 minutes, the zone will be free.
  • 3.3. It is forbidden to attract monsters with the intention of attacking other players. (*)

4. PvP

  • 4.1. It is forbidden to prevent players from leaving PvP zones by continually killing them so they cannot reach the exit portal. (*)
  • 4.2. It is forbidden to camp at respawn points to kill players who have just revived. (*)

5. Kingdom Quests

  • 5.1. It is forbidden to join the KQs and to be absent or uncooperative. (*)
  • 5.2. Multi-accounts are only allowed on KQs if there are 2 minutes or less left before the start of the KQ. (*)

6. Bug abuse and hack

  • 6.1. A bug is a game error that produces an unwanted action. It is forbidden to abuse a bug in order to benefit from it. (**)
  • 6.2. Likewise, it is forbidden not to inform the staff of the bugs or to disclose them to other players. (**)
  • 6.3. It is strictly forbidden to modify or remove the skill animations. Under no circumstances will it be allowed to do so. (*)
  • 6.4. It is only allowed to delete/modify textures or effects such as auras in order to improve computer performance.
  • 6.5. The use of third party programs that allow you to have advantages over other players is not allowed. (**)

7. Security and sales of items

  • 7.1. It is forbidden to ask other players for their account data. The Xelion Online staff will never ask for your account information. (*)
  • 7.2. We recommend that you do not share your account with anyone. If you share it and lose items or access to your account, we will not help you.
  • 7.3. It is forbidden to publish sales in exchange for real money. (*)
  • 7.4. Likewise, we are not responsible for scams that may arise from the purchase of objects or accounts for real money.

8. Donations

Donation is a completely optional activity. Our service is free and no one is obliged to donate. However, players can decide to support us through donations. As a thank you for their support, we reward donors with coins.

  • 8.1. By making a donation, you agree that you are not buying any product or service.
  • 8.2. All transactions are final and will not be refunded in any way.
  • 8.3. In case of cancellation of our services, you agree not to receive any refund or compensation.

9. Privacy Policy

  • 9.1. To enjoy our service you must open an account on our website.
  • 9.2. All account information is stored in a database permanently. By registering, you agree that you will not be able to delete your account from our database.
  • 9.3. No data will be transferred to third parties unless required by law.
  • 9.4. The data received through donations will not be stored in any way (data appearing in PayPal transactions, etc.).
  • 9.5. Our website stores cookies in your browser so that, for example, you don't have to change the language of the page every time you visit.

10. Sanctions

  • 10.1. The infractions are classified as: minor (*), serious (**) and very serious.
  • 10.2. When committing a minor infraction, warnings will be given to the player. After several warnings, the infraction will be upgraded to a serious one.
  • 10.3. When committing a serious infraction, the following sanctions will be applied: kick, temporary mute and ban of up to 3 days. If more than 3 serious infractions are committed, the infraction will be elevated to very serious.
  • 10.4. For very serious infractions, the following sanctions will be applied: ban of more than 3 days, permanent ban and IP ban.