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Server information (and release date!)

17/02/2022 20:54 | [CM]Velasdev | 793

Hello everyone!

We have been working hard on this server for many months. We would have liked to open the server in February, but unfortunately I was inactive for 2 weeks due to the coronavirus and later I had a family death. But don't worry, because I won't keep you waiting any longer!

The server will open its doors next March 25 at 20:00 (GMT+1)

Of course, this is a date that is subject to change. But we promise to try to be on time.

As you know, we have a Discord server where we publish previews. We will share a trailer in which we will show more news very soon. But today we would like to share more information about the server in this post:

  • We have given more importance to stats. Now, you will not be able to get certain stats on any item. It is possible that in an armor set you will not find the stats you want in some piece, so you will have to sacrifice that piece (and therefore, an effect of the set) in exchange for another piece of another set. In addition, there are armors that do not belong to any set. There are so many options to create your own build!
  • Critical, aim and evasion will have the importance they deserve. These three stats will be very important, as enemies now have more balanced aim and evasion!
  • The PvP will also be important. Certain items can only be obtained in PvP. We will share more information about PvP and its modalities very soon.

We look forward to meeting your expectations!