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Mister&Miss Xelion 2022

25/05/2022 17:41 | [CM]Velasdev | 612

1. Introduction

Hello, fashion lovers!

The most famous fashion contest has finally arrived! Every year we celebrate this great event where contestants fight for the title of Mister Xelion and Miss Xelion. But in this edition, we have decided to add more difficulty and fun!

2. Explanation

  1. Admission Phase: Not all of you will be lucky enough to participate in this contest. To participate, you will have to pass the admission test. But you will have to do your best, as there will be a limited number of admitted.
  2. Competition Phase: Boys and girls will compete separately. The contestants will have to choose the best costume and place to compete by taking a photo, each day there will be a different theme. The two worst participants of the day will face elimination: they will have to compete in KQ CODE. The one who obtains less points will be eliminated. This phase will end when 3 finalists remain (3 boys and 3 girls).
  3. Final: The last 3 boys and girls will have to compete in pairs (if no agreement is reached, it will be random). The best pair will win the contest.

3. Rules

  • You can participate with only one character.
  • You will only be able to use NPC clothes.
  • Effects added with image editing programs will not be taken into account for scoring.
  • Failure to send the photo within the deadline will result in immediate expulsion.
  • For the competition in CODE a time will be agreed between the CM and the two contestants. Failure to appear will result in immediate expulsion.
  • In the photo you will have to hide the interface, names and HP/SP bar.

4. Rewards

For the 4 finalists:

  • x1 Premium Suit (30 days) (of your choice)
  • x2 items of your choice from Fashion Chests
  • x1 Hunter's Guarantee (+100%) (30 days)

For the 2 winners:

  • Exclusive title Mister Xelion or Miss Xelion (will have the same stats as the best available title)
  • x1 Permanent Premium Coin
  • x1 Premium Suit (30 days) (of your choice)
  • x4 premium items of your choice from Fashion Chests
  • x1 premium skin of your choice from Skin Chests (upgraded)
  • x1 Hunter's Guarantee (+100%) (30 days)

5. More information

The admission phase begins on the same day of the publication of this post and will end on June 1st at 0:00 (Server time). The theme of the admission phase is: NATURE. You can send your photo to velasdev#0001 by private message through Discord (don't forget to mention your character's name). It is estimated that only 10 boys and 10 girls will pass the admission phase.

Good luck to all!