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DRAW YOURFAVOURITE WORLD BOSS(RESULTS) It's been a month since we posted this event, and it's time to announce the winners! I have to say that I was surprised by the level of participation, you all did a great job! The team found it difficult to choose the winners in the voting! AND THE WINNERS ARE... Digital Drawing Sparrow Freehand Drawing Yami_ Congratulations to...

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After a vote with very diverse opinions, finally the staff team has found the soul mates of the year. It was difficult to agree because all the photos were really good. The winners of Valentine's Day 2021 are... Azumic & RagnarokCongratulations! ^^ The winners will receive the reward shortly: 30,000 Xelion Points. All other participants will also receive 25 Xelion Loyaltys as a reward. He...

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[EVENT] Valentine's Day 2021

08/02/2021 20:28

Is there anything more romantic than being with your soulmate on February 14? Probably yes, but very few. At Xelion Online we are looking for the perfect date for this Valentine's Day. You will have to find the most romantic place in Isya where you would spend a romantic evening with your soulmate. When you find it, take a screenshot and send it to velasdev#0001 (by private message) via Discord...

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